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Sed Gyued Monastery

Yamantaka Thangka

Yamantaka Thangka

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Yamantaka Thangka
Yamantaka is the ferocious aspect of Manjushri, the supreme embodiment of Buddha's wisdom. He has 9 ferocious faces out of which the main one is a bull's head. He has 32 strong hands holding various sharp implements and 16 legs to carry his short and stout body.

Above Yamantaka is Lama Tsongkhapa, the renowned 14th century Tibetan saint and scholar. Below Yamantaka is the Dharma Protector Kalarupa, who is also a wrathful emanation of Manjushri.

To behold Yamantaka is a frightful experience as his ferocious compassion is beyond any wrathful Buddhas, demons and spirits put together. However, contrary to our initial impression, he does not harm but instead focuses his wrath at our negative emotions and self-grasping ways.

As an enlightened being, Yamantaka destroys our ignorance and dualistic convention, the cause of all suffering. His profound practice is amongst the highest tantras in Buddhism and is a quick way of achieving attainments and ultimately, Enlightenment within a single lifetime. Keeping his image and making offerings or prayers will grant great protection, the blessings of a Buddha, and create a connection to receive and benefit from his practice in the future.
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