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Sed Gyued Monastery

Tsog Shing Thangka

Tsog Shing Thangka

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Tsog Shing Thangka

Gelug Field of Accumulation

At the center is Shakyamuni Buddha (Tibetan: sha kya tu pa, sang gye. English: the Sage of the Shakya Clan, Enlightened One): surrounded by lineage teachers, Indian adepts, meditational deities, protectors and wealth deities - the Field for the Accumulation of Merit (Tib.: tsog shing). This painting and a number of others labeled as Gelug Refuge Field Shakyamuni 'B' appear to have been created using a common model or possibly a wood block print model.

In the Gelug Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism there are numerous Refuge Field composition types distinguished both by central figure and also by support (i.e. lotus or tree):

(1) Shakyamuni Buddha, (2) Je Tsongkapa, (3) Pabongka Design, and (4) Lotus Support, and (5) Block Print.

The first three types are depicted at the peak of a wish-fulfilling tree, seated on a throne and lotus. The fourth type is placed only on a lotus blossom.

The two general types of central figures for all types of Refuge Fields are Shakyamuni Buddha and Je Tsongkapa.

The variation of the two subject figures depend on the intention, purpose and function of the painting.

The former is a Lama Chopa (Shakyamuni) Refuge Field and the latter a Lamrim Lineage (Tsongkapa) Refuge Field.

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