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Sed Gyued Monastery

Tadrin Tordok

Tadrin Tordok

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Tadrin Tordok
Hayagriva Torma Offering and Avertion

This is a ritual for averting the obstacles of oneself and others through the ritual of offering torma and averting obstacles through the meditational deity Hayagriva.

Its benefits in brief are:
It will avert all the ill feelings, evil thoughts and evil actions towards the Buddhadharma and to us – the master, disciple, and patron, including the retinue. It will pacify the harms caused by the enemies having form, powerful formless spirits, spirits possessing human beings, cursing spirits, and so forth.

It will also subdue the sorcery arrow of male spirits, curses of female spirits, obstacles of the ill-fated year and month, enemy, robbery, theft, warfare, illness, misfortunes, untimely death, and all other unfortunate circumstances and obstacles. It will pacify all the evil enemies and obstructions such as the black magicians and sorcerers. In this degenerated era, it is especially effective for confounding the harms of the planets, stars, evil nagas underneath, evil spirits, local deities, and so forth.

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