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Sed Gyued Monastery

Sungmache Kangso

Sungmache Kangso

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Sungmache Kangso
Ritual of Offering and Renewing Bonds with All Dharma Protectors

This is a liturgy of performing ritual through offering, praising, delighting, and
confessing to the protectors of three types of spiritual person and to all other
dharma protectors.

The benefits of this liturgy are:
It will help to pacify the evil actions of sinful humans and non-humans, such as
the demons who are hostile and cruel, and inflict harms to all sentient beings
and to the holy beings holding Dharma, and the enemies of the health of spiritual
masters, and of the teachings of Buddha. In short, it helps in pacifying all our inner
and outer obstacles and being constantly and graciously protected by those who
possess the eye of wisdom.
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