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Sed Gyued Monastery

Shagya Sengya

Shagya Sengya

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Shagya Sengya

Offering of One Hundred Meats and Foods

This is a ritual of sending off ransoms through meditational deity Hayagriva, which was known to be composed by the kind guru Padmasambhava at Nepal-Tibet border.

The benefits of this ritual are:
It will help to cure those who are affected by harms and sorcery dagger of the eight classes of harmful worldly spirits including the arrogant king-like spirits. It will help to avert loss of humans and cattle, abuses, magic spells of heretics, harms of evil spirits employed by others, mantra spells of mantra practitioners, curses (serkha) of violent spirits, diseases of nagas, obstacles of inauspicious year and month, and evil thoughts and actions of others.

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