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Sed Gyued Monastery

Sengdongme Tordok

Sengdongme Tordok

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Sengdongme Tordok

Torma Offering And Avertion Ritual Of The Lion-Faced Dakini

This is a ritual for averting harmful powers, sorceries, magic spells and other obstacles relying upon the wisdom dakini.

It will help to avert all hatred, evil thoughts and evil actions toward us. It will pacify the harms caused by the enemies having form, formless powerful spirits, spirits possessing human beings, cursing spirits, and other evil spirits. It also help us to subdue the harms caused by sorcery arrow of male spirits, curses of female spirits, obstacles of inauspicious year and month, enemy, robbery, theft, warfare, illness, misfortunes, and all adverse conditions and obstacles of untimely death.


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