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Sed Gyued Monastery

Sang De Jig Sum Gyi Nyenpa

Sang De Jig Sum Gyi Nyenpa

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Sang De Jig Sum Gyi Nyenpa
Sang De Jig Sum Gyi Nyenpa

The Recitation Practice of Guhyasamaja, Chakramsavara and Vajrabhairava
Generally, the Sanskrit term ‘U-PA’ of the Tibetan word ‘Nyenpa’ refers to ‘To
Delight’ or ‘To Make Closer’. So it refers to invoking the heart of the supreme
deity to bring the supreme deity closer to oneself and to accomplish siddhis.

The reasons why one must perform this recitation practice are:
Vajra Garland Mandala Ritual says:

There is no siddhi without recitation practice; Therefore, know these two orders.
Abiding perfectly in the solitude, meditate on the mandala of the deity. Thus, without performing the recitation practice of the deity, no matter to what extent you may persevere, it is said that the supreme and ordinary siddhis will not be accomplished.

The Brief Recitation Practice of the Heart-Mantra says:
The master of the supreme mandala, first persevere on the recitation practice, then analyze the mandala,very calmly. If you do not delight the deity, it’s renouncing oneself.

Thus, engaging in empowerment, self-initiation, fire puja, consecration, torma offering, etc, and acting as the vajra master without foregoing recitation practice, it is said that it is like harming oneself. The main practice of the recitation practice is to accomplish the divine pride and the clarity by persevering on the two stages of path and the four sessions of meditation.

The benefits of the recitation practice in brief are:
If you practice recitation and meditation on Guhyasamaja, Chakramsavara and Vajrabhairava appropriately, temporarily, your four activities for the sake of Dharma and sentient beings will be spontaneously accomplished and your power to strengthen the essence of the complete and unmistaken dharma in oneself and others and your other spiritual aspirations will be spontaneously fulfilled.

Ultimately, you will be able to achieve the unified state of vajradhara in this life of the degenerated era itself without any obstacles and harms. Even if you cannot perfect the realization of the path in this life because of inadequate merits or distractions, if you persevere on the mantra recitation and meditation throughout this life, you will be guided by the guru and deity in this life, next life, intermediate state and throughout your lives to come, and you will able to achieve Buddhahood within seven or ten life times.

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