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Sed Gyued Monastery

Sadak Dondol

Sadak Dondol

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Sadak Dondrol སྤྱན་རས་གཟིགས་སེངྒེ་སྒྲ་ལྷའི་སྒོ་ནས་ས་བདག་གདོན་གྲོལ།

Exorcising Local Deities and Evil Spirits

This is a prayer ceremony for pacifying harms by offering torma to local deities, nagas, nyen spirits and other spirits through relying upon the meditational deity Avalokiteshvara Simhanada and Vajrapani.

The benefits of this liturgy are:
Since we have many activities and our behaviors are cruel, we dig out earth, cut rocks, cut trees and stir up water. These kinds of our selfish actions damage the body, wealth and essence of nagas, evil spirits and local deities, and they fall ill. From their eye poisons, body poisons, fang poisons, mouth-vapor poisons, manufactured poisons, we suffer from leprosy, cancer, gout, foot swelling, dropsy, and many other strange diseases. Performing this prayer ceremony helps to us to pacify all such naga inflicted illnesses. In short, it helps to bring us timely rain water and good harvest, to pacify frostiness, hail falls, famine, flood, earth quake, and other natural calamities, poverty and quarrels, and to enhance our happiness and prosperity.

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