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Sed Gyued Monastery

Sablam Lama Choepa

Sablam Lama Choepa

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Sablam Lama Choepa

Offering to the Guru, the Profound Path

This is a ritual of oral lineage for making feast offerings through practicing Guru

The benefits of this ritual are:
In the Five Stages of Nagarjuna, it says: “Completely abandoning all other offerings,
perfectly undertake offerings to the guru. By pleasing him, the supreme omniscient
wisdom will be attained.”
Just as thus said, making offerings to the lama is more beneficial than making
offerings to all other Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. By making offerings to the
lama, it will help one to quickly complete the accumulation of great merits, to
cleanse all negative actions and obscurations accumulated by physically hurting
one’s lama, disobeying his words, agitating his mind, or disrespecting, insulting
and disgracing him, and to receive all the blessings of his body, speech and mind.

It will help one to increase lifespan, merits, and scriptural and inner realizations,
and to protect one from external and internal harms. It will help to please all
Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the ten directions, to liberate one from plunging
into hell realms, and to spontaneously accomplish one’s wishes. Moreover, if one
could personally practice guru yoga, it is a profound practice capable of granting
the state of enlightenment effortlessly even in this short lifespan of the degenerate

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