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Sed Gyued Monastery

Nedak Topjom

Nedak Topjom

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Nedak Topjom

Elimination of the Power of the Demons that Cause Sickness

This is a liturgy for pacifying various illnesses, especially contagious diseases and pandemics, with the help of Ritroe Loma Gyonma or Pita Parnasavari.

The Lamp of the Power of Destroying Sickness, the Practice of Bhagavati Pita Parnasavari says:
This supreme medicine of the wisdom nectar for destroying sickness, eliminates the sickness of the ignorance of sufferings. Offering it to you and consecrating the foods and drinks,

May (I be) liberated from the sickness by the power of the medicine!

It further says:
The yogis persevering with this are experts on the medicine. Their capability to eliminate sickness is like the diamond. It is so profound! Samaya! Thus, as it is said, it pacifies all kinds of illnesses that are caused by the wind, bile and phlegm, pacifies infectious and epidemic diseases, and increases the power of medicines. In short, it pacifies all sickness that originated from the ignorance of sentient beings and brings good health, prosperity, happiness, and so forth.

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