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Sed Gyued Monastery

Namtse Thangka

Namtse Thangka

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Namtse Thangka
Zambala (Namtse), also referred to as Kuber, is the God of Wealth and suitably a member of the Jewel Family. According to the Sutras, while Shakyamuni Buddha was teaching one day, demons tried to disturb and confuse the Buddha. Zambala appeared ahead of Gautam Buddha and guarded him. Recognizing Zambala’s bold action, Gautam Buddha asked Zambala if he would love to become a Dharma preserver so as to assist all sentient beings. Zambala accepted the Buddha’s provide and since then he has offered immediate help to all who call his name or chant his mantra. His blessings bestow good luck, increase virtues, prolong life, increase intelligence, and provide both material and spiritual benefits.

There are a unit 5 Zambalas – yellow, white, black, inexperienced and red – of that yellow is that the most typical kind. Zambala (namtse); the Buddhist god of wealth is seated on a white snow lion is the presiding deity of Tibet’s snowy mountain ranges. The white lion is actually the national animal of Tibet and adorns the Tibetan national flag, as also the insignia (badge) of the Dalai Lama himself. The giant figure or healthy looks of Namtse is golden yellow in color and has a stern (strict) expression. He holds a banner of victory in his right hand while the left arm holds a mongoose, an animal which is truly associated with good fortune.

Zambala is also known as Vaishravana, the popular god of wealth in Hindu Mythology and holds strong resemblance to the Hindu deity Kubera. He is especially called on to grant wealth and prosperity. He is also regarded as the four kings of the first heaven and rules the northern heaven. As a giver of wealth, this deity commands great respect among his devotees.
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