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Sed Gyued Monastery

Menlha Dhochok

Menlha Dhochok

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Menlha Druchok
Sutra Ritual of Medicine Buddha

This is a ritual of making prayer salutations and offerings, and
supplications to seven Tathagatas who are the saviors of the degenerate era.

The benefits of this ritual are:
It will help one to completely purify one’s negative karmas and obscurations,
such as the five heinous actions, to live long without any illness, to escape from
untimely death, and to accomplish the aspirations as one desired. It will help to
flourish the Buddha Dharma which is the source of prosperity and happiness, to
obtain good health and long life to the holy beings holding dharma, to increase
and deepen the spiritual activities of sanghas. With the help of their power and
blessings, sentient beings will live through peace and happiness. Temporarily,
all sentient beings, especially the benefactors will be free of sickness, and
ultimately they will accomplish the two merits and cleanse the two obscurations and
swiftly attain the perfect enlightenment.
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