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Sed Gyued Monastery

Mandala Land Puja དཔལ་གསང་བ་འདུས་པའི་ས་ཆོག

Mandala Land Puja དཔལ་གསང་བ་འདུས་པའི་ས་ཆོག

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Mandala Land Puja

The significance of Mandala Puja is stated in several Puranas. It is mentioned in these religious scriptures that a person’s destiny can be positively changed only by performing Mandala Puja.

This puja can be performed by any individual solely but it can only be done once during his/her lifetime. Mandala Puja is a very powerful puja that grants fulfillment of all the desires if done with full devotion and dedication. It has been witnessed that a person got what he/she wants after completing the Mandala Puja.

The celebrations of Mandala Puja connotes the 41 days of austerities. The strictness of the Vratham during Mandala Puja helps to cleanse the soul. The austerity can be observed by all, both men and women alike. Females aged between 1-9 years and those above 50 are also allowed to do the Mandala Puja Vratham and they are known as ‘Malikapuram’.

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