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Sed Gyued Monastery

Luthor Torma

Luthor Torma

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Luthor Torma

Torma Offering to Nagas

This is a liturgy for pacifying naga related diseases and entreating for success in one’s endeavors through making offerings and praises to the eight great naga kings including the naga king Varuna, and to local deities, etc.

The benefits of this liturgy are:
It will help one to dispel four hundred and twenty four types of illnesses, especially the diseases caused by nagas. It will help one to pacify leprosy and other diseases inflicted by the eye poisons, body poisons, malicious poisons, mouth-vapor poisons and manufactured poisons of nagas, nyen spirits, and local deities. In short, performing this liturgy will help to bring rain water in time and excellent harvest. It will also help to pacify the conditions of frostiness, hail fall, and other natural disasters. It will help to overcome the suffering of poverty and to bring abundance of wealth, and to increase happiness and auspiciousness.

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