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Sed Gyued Monastery

Lungta རླུང་རྟ་

Lungta རླུང་རྟ་

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Windhorse (Prayer Flags)

Lungta (རླུང་རྟ་), or wind horse, is a pan-Himalayan cultural concept denoting good fortune and success. Like the concepts of la (བླ་), the life essence, yang (གཡང་), the wealth essence, or wangthang (དབང་ཐང་), charisma, lungta is an intangible inner trait that influences the wellbeing of a person.

It refers to the hoisting of papers or cloths written with tiger, lion, garuda and dragon on the four corners and the supreme horse with the wish fulfilling gem on its back in the center or written with the prayers of the Noble Stack of Auspiciousness, Ornament on the Top of the Victory Banner, Dispelling the Darkness in the Ten Directions, Tara Prayer and so forth, on clean mountains and places to raise one’s lungta or good luck.

Its benefits in brief are:
The Auspicious White Conch Shell, the Method of Performing the Smoke Offering of Windhorse says:

Hoisting the prayer flags in the sky, Inscribed with the powerful supreme horse with the power of running fast, well surrounded by the four guardians – tiger, lion, garuda and dragon, You will triumph in the battles by the power of Maheshvara.

The white lion with the power of three skills, will bestow the glory that terrifies the minds of your enemies, and elevate your lungta that glorifies your physical majesty, which outshines the glittering assembly of crowds. The blue turquoise dragon with the power of making roaring sound, will grant you authority over the powerful impressive words, and raise your lungta that makes your speech noble and truthful, which everyone loves to hear and respects.

The red tiger with the power of bravery, will bring your mind great courage, and elevate your lungta that broadens your vision which is capable of turning every appearance into positivity and spirituality. The king Garuda with the power of pride, will elevate your good acts of dharma and mundane, and raise your lungta that has the quality to steal the trust of the intellectuals.

The precious supreme horse with the power of merit, will lift your lungta that has the power to fulfill all the religious and worldly tasks that you undertake, swiftly without any hindrance for a moment. Thus, just as it is said, you will have physical magnificence that outshines others, truthful speech that everyone desires to hear, good vision, and long life. You will be powerful in subduing and conquering your enemies and all your undertakings will be swiftly fulfilled. Your life, merit, fame, wealth, and good luck will increase and you will have success like the galloping of a wild horse, and so forth.

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