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Sed Gyued Monastery

Logyon Rilbu

Logyon Rilbu

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Logyon Rilbu

Parnasavari Pills

The great sadhana propitiating the Parnasavari Pills is held through the ritual of Goddess Parnasavari from the 1st of the 4th Tibetan month.

The benefits of Parnasavari Pills are:
By the power of the five kings, acute stomach pain, bacterial infections, pharyngitis, ulcerated sores and especially serum and leprosy will be overcome.

Similarly, by the power of the five ministers pandemic and liver fever, depression, cold disease, and kidney disease will be subdued.

By the power of the five attendants, all types of fever and cold and all the liver diseases,
And the diseases caused by earth spirits, and viral myositis, bacterial diseases,
and anxiety will be overcome.

By the power of the five subjects, the wind and blood disorders, fever, and bacterial infections and viral infections, bilious fever, and lung disease will be subdued.

The typhoid fever and deadly pains in the head and stomach of eight years old
children will be cured.

The Parnasavari sadhana water, the remover of all contagious diseases and this outstanding instruction of the qualified masters are the highly blessed Parnasavari of Sed Gyued.

As it is said, the Goddess Parnasavari Pill is best known for curing leprosy,
wind disorders, jaundice, viral and bacterial infections, lung diseases, heart
diseases, liver diseases, especially for removing poisons and pacifying
infectious diseases.

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