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Sed Gyued Monastery

Kagyur བཀའ་འགྱུར་

Kagyur བཀའ་འགྱུར་

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Translations of Buddha’s Own Teachings

They are the translated volumes of all three baskets and four classes of Tantra taught by the Buddha himself compiled into 104 or 108 volumes.

The benefits of reading Kagyur are:

It will help one to prevent diseases and to bring well being and happiness in this life. It will help to increase cattle, resources, lifespan, merits, wealth, fame, power and luck. It will help to pacify frostiness, hailstorms and other natural calamities, diseases, animal bites, warfare, quarrels, and other misfortunes. It is also beneficial to liberate one from the sufferings of hell realms in the next life, and ultimately to achieve the supreme state of perfect enlightenment.

What is the Kangyur?
The meaning of “Kangyur” is “the translated words (of the Buddha)”. It is the entire collection of texts regarded as buddhavacana or “Buddha-word”, translated into Tibetan.

The texts considered to be “Buddha-word” are the records not only of the Buddha’s own discourses, but also of teachings and explanations given by others––often by his close disciples with his approval, or by other enlightened beings. Also included are systematic compilations of the Buddha’s pronouncements on particular topics, e.g. the rules of monastic discipline in the Vinaya texts.

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