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Sed Gyued Monastery

Jungshi Torma

Jungshi Torma

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Jungshi Torma
Torma of the Four Elements

This is a ritual of giving away semi-circular, triangle, round and square shaped tormas representing the four elements in a torma container along with the ransom and hand-squeezed dough.

Its benefits in brief are:

The Ritual of the Torma of the Four Elements says: Take this ransom and the hand-squeezed dough offering and do not harm anyone. May the black magic, evil spells, and so forth sent by others, and all the curses and the oppressing forces be reversed!

May all the periodical hindrances and evil spirits and all the harms be reversed! Thus, as it is said, it pacifies the harms of the periodical hindrances, black magic, evil spells, curses, oppressing forces, evil demons, etc. In short, it confounds the adverse and harmful obstacles caused by the eighty thousand obstructors and the three hundred and sixty types of demons, and fulfills the concordant conditions as desired and brings auspiciousness and happiness.

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