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Sed Gyued Monastery

Jipe Chung Lu

Jipe Chung Lu

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Jipe Chung Lu
Ransom for Children

This is one of the many rituals to pacify the fifteen great spirits who cause harms to children from one year to ten years old.

Its benefits in brief are:
The Great Destroyer of the Thousand Foes (Mahasahasrapramardani) Sutra says:

Please listen to me, lord of the world! Manjuka, Mrgaraja, Skanda, Apasmara, Mustika, Matrka, Jamika, Kamini, Revati, Putana, Matrnanda, Sakuni, Kanthapanini, Mukhamanditi, and Kalamba, All of them course on the earth.

These fifteen demons threaten children. Thus, as it is said, because of the harms caused to children by the fifteen demons such as Manjuka and Mrgaraja, children show different discomforts, they often cry and lose sleep, teeth bite the lower lip, do not drink milk, scratch the mother and suddenly panic and become scared. These are because the children are possessed by the demons.

Tantra says:
As a general sign, they will always cry, pant and groan,
Sleep short, repeatedly lose sleep, teeth bite the lower lip,
Scratch the mother and the breast comes out of the mouth,
Neck become stiff, eyes roll back and vomits foam.

Also, in the Condensed Essence says:
(They will) often cry and inflicted by infectious disease,
Generally look frightened and spring up and down,
Eyebrows flip and become unenergetic,
Throw up foam and eyes look upward,
Teeth bite the lower lip, become sleepless,
Cry and groan,

Dislike breast milk and voice change,
Nails suddenly
Scratch the mother’s limbs.
Thus, as it is said, children will have these symptoms and become disturbed.

The Ransom Ritual says:
Ransoms of hand pressed dough, piece of meat,
Dough lamp, various foods and grains,
Blessed by mantras and mudras,
This inexhaustible treat,
I offer to you, the elemental spirits,
Even after becoming satisfied and delighted,
Stop harming children
And be compassionate!
Thus, as it is said, by sending ransoms to the elemental spirits in place of
children by offering them odorous ransom, hand-pressed dough and so forth,
they will be satisfied and renounce harming and become compassionate.
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