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Sed Gyued Monastery



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Recitation of the Eight-Thousand Versed Prajnaparamita Sutra

This is the recitation of the concise version of mother perfection of wisdom sutra
which contains eight-thousand verses, twenty- four sets of verses, and thirty-two
chapters. It is a scripture which was translated into Tibetan by Indian Abbot Shakya
Sena and Translator Bende Dharma Shila.

The benefits of reciting this scripture are:
It will help to increase one’s lifespan, merit, power, luck, etc and to dispel
inauspicious omens. It will help to purify one’s negative karmas and obscurations
and to fulfill all aspirations. In short, reciting this scripture will help to flourish
Buddha Dharma and bring wellbeing to all sentient beings.
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