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Sed Gyued Monastery

Gyashi Puja བརྒྱ་བཞི་

Gyashi Puja བརྒྱ་བཞི་

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Gyashi Puja
Four Sets of Hundred Offerings

This is a liturgy of sending ransoms to four evil spirits through offering four hundred
offerings to the Buddha.

The benefits of this liturgy are:
It will help to pacify a number of adverse conditions and obstacles, such as one
thousand and eighty types of hindrances, three hundred and sixty types of evil
spirits, seven hundred and twenty sudden attacks caused by evil spirits, and four
hundred and twenty four different types of diseases. It helps to purify cognitive
obscurations and afflictive obscurations, and avert the obstacles of four demons
and of the unfavorable year, month, and so forth. In short, it will help to pacify
physical illnesses, mental sufferings, and other undesirable obstacles. This is a
liturgy which should be done those whose three-concordant zodiac signs are rough.
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