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Sed Gyued Monastery



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Gyaldhoe Puja

Ritual of Offering Ransoms to Arrogant King-Like Spirits

This is a liturgy of performing the secret ritual of Hayagriva and sending off ransoms
to the arrogant king-like spirits.

The benefits of this liturgy are:
It helps you to pacify the harms of arrogant king-like spirits, violent spirits, and
goblins. It helps you to pacify plagues, ill omens and signs, and the harms of one
thousand and eighty types of obstacles and of three hundred and sixty classes of
evil spirits. In short, it helps to dispel the attacks of the spirits breaking samaya,
spirits disturbing old people, spirits harming young people, destructive spirits, local
spirits, spirits of madness, and of all other evil spirits of earth, water and space.

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