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Sed Gyued Monastery

Dul Ngag Palden Sangpo Thangka

Dul Ngag Palden Sangpo Thangka

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Dul Ngag Palden Sangpo Thangka
Dulnagpa Palden Zangpo (’Dul-nag-pa dPal-ldan bzang-po) was born in 1402 in a town called Tanagda (rTa-nag-mda’), located in Central Tibet nearby Tashilhunpo Monastery (bKra-bshis lhun-po dGon). He was a direct disciple of Gyu Sherab Sengge (rGyud Shes-rab seng-ge), the founder of Gyume (rGyud-smad), Lower Tantric College, who was himself a direct disciple of the great Je Tsongkhapa (rJe Tsong-kha-pa Blo-bzang grags-pa).

Dulnagpa Palden Zangpo was ordained at Narthang Monastery (sNar-thang dGon), and through his practice, was able to gain high spiritual realizations, so much so that it is said that he was able to cure the sick through his prayers, especially that of the Migtsema (dMigs-brtse-ma) prayer of Je Tsongkhapa. It was this prayer that he especially liked to teach people. It is in conjunction with Migtsema practice that he wrote Hundreds of Deities of Tushita (dGa’-ldan lha-brgya-ma). At one time, the worldly deity Pehar (dPe-har) was bringing misfortune to people living in Se (Srad) in Tsang (gTsang), with some people even dying. Dulnagpa came and, using his spiritual powers, managed to tame Pehar, instructing the deity not to harm those who chant the Migtsema prayer he had written.

Following Je Tsongkhapa’s wishes, Gyu Sherab Sengge travelled across the Tsang region of Tibet giving teachings. There, in a place called Yagshilung (g.Yag-shi-lung), he taught Dulnagpa and, in 1432 founded Segyu Monastery (Srad-rgyud Grva-tshang), the Tantric College of Se District, entrusting its care to Dulnagapa. According to popular account, Dulnagpa himself founded Segyu. He passed away in 1473 at the age of 71.
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