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Sed Gyued Monastery

Dukshesengsum Dokpa

Dukshesengsum Dokpa

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Dukshesengsum Dokpa

Avertion through White Umbrella, Heart Sutra and Lion Faced Deity

This is a liturgy for averting negative forces through White Umbrella, Heart Sutra and Lion-faced Deity.

The benefits of this liturgy are:
It helps to avert bad dreams, evil signs and evil omens, evil intentions and actions of enemies, eighty-four ill omens, three hundred and sixty sudden harms, four hundred and twenty four types of diseases, one thousand and eighty types of obstacles, human and animal diseases, hatred, ill will, and rise of astrological hindrances and destructive spirits. In short, it helps to pacify all adverse circumstances, such as illnesses, negative forces, misfortunes and obstacles resulted from the negative karmas of our previous lives, and to bring auspiciousness and prosperity.

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