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Sed Gyued Monastery



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Literally meaning “64 Offerings”, this puja calls upon the wrathful energies of Kalarupa for protection and smoothness in life's journey, and is one of the few that is regularly performed for the growth of one's spiritual practice. This puja is also very efficacious at dispelling spirit disturbances and black magic.

Kalarupa, the wrathful emanation of Wisdom Buddha Manjushri, is a universal protector for all Vajrayana Buddhist lineages and is the special Protector of the small scope of the Lamrim. He is also the special protector of Yamantaka practitioners and the Druchuma puja helps to protect against demons and to develop the wisdom to subdue anger that may arise during Yamantaka retreats.

Drugchuma is a puja performed in relation to Kalarupa/Dharmaraja, a Dharma protector.


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