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Sed Gyued Monastery

Drolma Bumther

Drolma Bumther

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Drolma Bumther

Hundred Thousand Recitation Of Tara Prayer

This is a liturgy of chanting the Praises to Twenty-One Taras a hundred thousand times.

It helps to subdue the harms of external form and formless forces and the harms of internal negative karmas and thoughts. It helps to increase one?s life, meritorious actions, glory and wealth, spiritual experiences and realizations, fame and power. In brief, just by remembering the name of Venerable Mother Tara, it helps to eradicate all external and internal harms, to accomplish one?s mundane and supramundane aspirations, and to safeguard one from the eight great and sixteen lesser fears. In this way the benefits of reciting the Praises to 21 Taras one hundred thousand times is beyond our imagination and expression.

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