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Sed Gyued Monastery

Damchoe Drelwa Shidrak

Damchoe Drelwa Shidrak

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Damchoe Drelwa Shidrak

Teachings on the Four Combined Commentaries

This is the commentary of the commentaries of the Illuminating Lamp, an extensive commentary on Guhyasamaja, the king of tantra, written by Lama Tsongkhapa in Gaden Monastery in Drok Riwoche Mountain. This is also the main text being studied in the tantric monasteries.

The benefits of studying this text in brief are:
The glorious Guhyasamaja is the only valuable jewel in the three realms and it is the root of all tantras and the basket of all sutras.

The Lamp Illuminating the Five Stages says:
The great Buddha taught eighty four thousand heaps of teachings of which the glorious Guhyasamaja is the basket; Therefore, it is the pinnacle of tantras.

The Later Tantra says:
Ahmaho! Extremely rare to find! It is this method for accomplishing enlightenment.
The final of all tantras, it is the one so-called the tantra of Guhyasamaya.

It further says:
Whoever listens to this highly secret tantra of Guhyasamaja,

Whoever recites, reads, meditates makes offerings, writes or made to write it,
Seeing you as the Enlightened Vajra, I prostrate. Thus, on the basis of the rarity of finding and the immense benefit of Guhyasamaja Tantra, it is said that anyone who performs the four sessions of meditation practice, listens, writes, recites, makes offerings, keeps faith, or
even holds a mere portion of it, they should be viewed as the Vajradhara and worship them.

Also, the Sacred Words of Manjushri says:
The transmission of this tantra as long as it exists. The precious Buddha Dharma too is said to exist. When this lineage of transmission ceases, Buddha Dharma too disappears; Everyone should know this well. Thus, it is said that the existence of the essence of the Buddha Dharma is determined by the existence of this tantra.

Also, Sangwa Drupa Tantra says:
There is nothing superior to the glorious Guhyasamaja, it is the precious gem of the three realms. Since there is no other tantra superior to this tantra, it is said to be the only
precious gem in the three worlds – earth, heaven and hell.

Also, the Red-Black Tantra says:
The ultimate tantra is the Guhyasamaja, (Other than that has) neither appeared nor will appear.
Thus, the Guhyasamaja Tantra is extremely rare to find and when found it is of great benefit, and it is the king of all tantras. Therefore, it is said that not only those who practice the four sessions of meditation on the generation and completion stages of Guhyasamaja Tantra, even those who study, write, recite, make offerings or practice it and even those who see, hear, remember, touch, have faith or hold a portion of it, they should be also viewed as Vajradharas
and consider them as the objects of prostration.

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