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Sed Gyued Monastery

Arura Thongchoe

Arura Thongchoe

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Arura Thongchoe

One Thousand Terminalia Chebula Offerings

This is a ritual for making a thousand terminalia chebula offerings to the eight kings of medicine or to the eight Medicine Buddhas.

The benefits of this ritual are:
There are many unimaginable and inexpressible benefits of this ritual. It helps to subdue all types of disease of sentient beings and purify the five heinous actions and all other negative karmas and obscurations. It helps to liberate one from the fear of untimely death and to spontaneously fulfill one’s aspirations.

It also helps to flourish Buddha Dharma, the source of benefit and happiness, to
bring good health and long life to the holders of Dharma, and to progress and increase the spiritual practices of sanghas. Temporarily, it helps all sentient beings, especially the sponsors in pacifying their illnesses and obtaining happiness and joy, and ultimately to perfect the two collections of merit and to cleanse the two obscurations and to swiftly attain the state of Medicine Buddha.

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